What is Buidler's Nation?

A community to build a better internet, together

Buidler's Nation is a Decentralised protocol to empower and support innovative web3 projects, and buidlers

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Buidler's Dapp Store

Buidler's Nation will incubate and power many platforms and applications which will grow the entire ecosystem and help bring multi-utility to the BDN token.


Treasury Investments

Buidler's Nation will help early stage web3 applications launch and provide initial funds by investing it's treasury which in turn will generate more profits to the Buidler's treasury, enabling it to fund more projects, thus creating a positive feedback cycle.

Passive Yield

Rewards Distribution

BDN holders can stake their tokens and get monthly rewards from profits generated by the DAO in stablecoins (USDC/USDT).

Market Dynamics

Bonding and Burn

BDN token has a unqiue Bonding and Burn mechanics which keeps the total supply in check depending on the market conditions

Buidler's Nation Protocol

Unique investment opportunities ranging from innovative Web3 Products, Services, and Applications